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Tuesday, 12-03-2024

Review: Half a year as Head of Sales

Since joining cyber-Wear in Wipperfürth almost seven years ago, Christoph Luthe has had an impressive journey in key account management and strategic purchasing. After a successful period as Key Account Manager, he was promoted to Head of Sales in September last year.

In April 2018, Christoph Luthe joined the cyber-Wear sales team as Key Account Manager after almost 13 years with a market competitor, and from then on mainly looked after the long-standing major customer Ford of Europe. He successfully promoted the use of merchandising and promotional items throughout Europe.


As Key Account Manager, both the team and customers appreciated his creative ideas, analytical approach and calm project management. Together with his easy-going manner and cordial nature, Christoph quickly became a highly valued contact person.


Christoph Luthe more than deserved his promotion from Key Account Manager to Head of Sales at the end of last year, as a result of which he joined the cyber management circle. He is handing over his responsibilities to Ramona Flörchinger, who will take over his role as Key Account Manager.


In the first six months of his new role, Christoph Luthe has already acted as an important interface between sales and management in order to relieve CEO and Global Sales Director Steven Baumgaertner, gradually getting to know the other customers and taking part in the annual review meetings.

As Head of Sales, he will also drive forward the expansion of sales controlling with a focus on key figures and KPIs and optimise the sales organisation together with the management and HR department. In future, his tasks will also include supporting the onboarding of new customers with regard to implementation and structuring together with the internal interfaces.


Christoph, what an exciting transition phase – thank you for making such a decisive contribution to the company's success with your expertise and your approach!