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Thursday, 28-03-2024

Celebrating 10 years of Cybergroup BeachCup

There are exactly three months to go until we celebrate our anniversary at BeachCup. We’re really looking forward to enjoying some wonderful summer days with lots of sunshine, an extra dose of fun and lots of hot matches in the sand.

It’s incredible – we're organising our tenth Cybergroup BeachCup this year and we still can't believe it. There are now only a few months to go until this popular event takes place on 29 June in Ketsch near Heidelberg. 32 teams will be taking part again this time, battling it out in the sand and celebrating together in the evening.


Do you feel it too?The temperatures are slowly rising, the barbecues are starting to be fired up, the sun cream is coming out, the deckchairs are being dusted off, those summery beats – it smells like summer.


The four volleyball arenas will once again be a cauldron of emotions and top-class beach sports over the weekend, accompanied by many enthusiastic spectators who will support and spur on the teams. The game plan is almost ready. So, have you started training yet? Get ready! Who wants to win?


We are celebrating 10 years of Cybergroup BeachCup with lots of highlights and surprises. We can tell you one thing for sure. The voice that will accompany us throughout the day will once again be that of TV and radio presenter Kevin Gerwin.


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