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Wednesday, 22-05-2024

Further innovation speeds up the packaging process

Our state-of-the-art Sparck CVP Impack packaging machine now also enables the direct addition of DHL shipping labels onto parcels, which considerably speeds up the packaging process once more.

Another innovation has been added to our Sparck CVP Impack machine. It is now possible to add DHL shipping labels directly onto parcels. This technical enhancement promises to significantly speed up the packaging process once again, as separate labelling work is no longer required. By seamlessly integrating printing into the packaging process, Sparck CVP is setting new standards in the logistics sector and for us in the industry.


The warehouse in Mannheim is our global centrepiece and boasts state-of-the-art automation systems such as Autostore and Storojet. The CVP Impack also automates packaging, replaces 15 manual packing stations and improves the efficiency of the entire packaging process. Custom-fit packaging minimises cardboard volumes and reduces shipping costs and expenditure on packaging materials. Flexibility is guaranteed as products of different sizes can be packaged together, which leads to a further reduction in cardboard and filling material and is both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.