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Thursday, 15-06-2023

Teamwork for a sustainable future

In a world facing increasing environmental challenges, sustainability has become an important issue. Sustainability also plays a role in the corporate wear industry, and cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH and Bluesign International AG have decided to contribute to this issue together.

cyber-Wear is a leading provider of promotional products, merchandise and corporate wear and brings with it extensive experience in the industry. Bluesign is a sustainability standard for the textile industry and stands for responsible and sustainable textile production. 


Together, cyber-Wear and Bluesign want to set a new standard for sustainability in the corporate wear industry. A legitimisation process establishes cyber-Wear as Bluesign’s first system partner in this industry. The aim is to identify gaps in the sustainability concept and develop a plan for improvement. 


But not only that: cyber-Wear and Bluesign are also planning content creation and events, such as talks and interviews with new companies, to raise awareness of sustainability in the industry. The commitment of the two companies is reflected in their philosophy, which considers sustainability to be an important part of their values and goals. 


The road is still long, but the two companies are determined to lead the industry into this new era of sustainability.